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Patient rights and responsibilities

Within this Practice we wish to offer all our patients the highest standard of medical care. This charter sets out the standards of care that you can expect from us together with the standards, which we expect from you. We view your health care as a partnership between ourselves and you, as the patient, in which each of us has rights and responsibilities. As a patient you may expect certain standards from us.

You have the right to the following:

  • Information and answers about your health, in particular any illness and its treatment.
  • Alternative forms of treatment.
  • Possible side effects.
  • Prevention and avoidance of illness recurring.
  • To be prescribed appropriate medication.
  • To have access to your health records, subject to any limitations of the law.
  • To receive support and encouragement if you would like to lead a healthier lifestyle, by talking to one of our Health Trainers (please ask for more information)
  • To be referred to a specialist acceptable to you if your GP considers it necessary.
  • To have access to information about our services via the practice leaflet
  • To have your privacy respected and to be dealt with in the strictest confidence by the Practice team.

In addition to your rights we feel a responsibility to provide the following:

  • To greet you courteously and promptly.
  • To offer you the opportunity to see a doctor within a reasonable timescale.

In return your responsibilities are:

  • To value your health and maintain a healthy lifestyle and minimise health risks.
  • To treat the GP’s and all staff with courtesy and respect.
  • To try and call outside peak surgery times with routine requests.
  • Not to call for home visits unless you are completely unable to get to the surgery. Home visits are time consuming and the doctor can see many more patients in the surgery, leading to benefits for both doctor and patient.
  • Not to request an out of hours call unless it is a genuine emergency.
  • To arrive on time for your appointment.
  • To cancel your appointment should you no longer need it.
  • To inform the Practice of any change of name, address or telephone number.

Any comments, suggestions or complaints about any aspect of our service should be  directed to the Practice Manager in the first instance.

Date published: 10th October, 2014
Date last updated: 30th June, 2020