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Covid guidance within practice

We understand the changes in government guidance for Covid-19 mean restrictions have eased for the general public. However we need to inform you that we have been notified that the guidance for health and social care settings has not changed, due to the higher risk nature of our environment. Therefore our patients will still be asked to wear a facemask on attending the practice and our staff will still be wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment. Equally any staff who test positive for Covid-19 are not permitted to attend the workplace so in the short term our staff levels are still likely to be affected by this.
We understand what a challenging period it has been for patients and in turn our staff have also faced difficult times. So our hope is that you continue to support us in continuing to follow guidance in place when attending the practice and awareness that our service could at time still be impacted by the need for our staff to isolate.
We hope over the coming weeks to move forward and see Covid-19 have less impact on the way in which we work.