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Changes to our appointment system

The practice are currently introducing changes to our appointment system which allows us to manage demand post covid 19. We are returning to  a number of appointments being booked in advance where clinically appropriate.  We will continue to ask our patients to use the Askmygp system to request contact with a G.P, on receiving your request this is triaged by a G.P who will determine the level of urgency for your clinical need. We ask you provide as much information relevant to your concern as possible to help with the triage process and speed up how quickly we are able to make contact with you. You will then be contacted by the reception team to arrange an appointment based on the advice from the Doctor. We hope the benefits of this system will allow patients with urgent clinical needs to be treated within 48 hours and allow patients with less urgent needs to be offered an advance booked appointment within 10 working days for a day and time that suits with them.  The system is new and therefore we will continue to make enhancements based on the effectiveness of the system and the feedback from our patients. We since January 2020 when the covid 19 pandemic landed understand there has been a lot of change to the way in which we operate but we feel it essential we continue to adapt our system to fit with what is needed to meet demand. Thank you for your continued support.